Internet Safety

"The internet is a 'place' where your children mix with others and share their lives. Just as in any other area of life, if you don't know what your children are doing, where they're going or who they're mixing with, you risk compromising their safety."

What is the school doing?
Loose Infant School teaches and promotes E-Safety. This involves discussing the potential risks in using electronic forms of communication such as chat rooms, emails and text messaging.  We teach the children that these forms of communication are highly modern and convenient but do carry risks, particularly for young people.

Loose Infant School uses Kent Community Network Internet restrictions which offer maximum protection to children when using the Internet at school. The KCN Internet filters offer the best possible protection when children carry out Internet activities such as web searches, as well as completely disabling all web-based email and online chat systems to help eliminate 'cyber-bullying'.

What can you do?
We strongly advise that you make yourself aware of E-Safety, follow the guidelines for parents, and ultimately ensure that your children are protected at all times.
Here are some information sheets and websites that offer helpful and detailed information about E-Safety.
E-Safety hand out